IPC topic for Term 4

This term we are going to be learning about the following: 

In International, we’ll be learning about:

  • The jobs people do in our school
  • The jobs that our parents and family do
  • What family life is like in other countries
  • Using our imagination to invent characters
  • The process for creating a TV show

In Geography, we’ll be learning about:

  • The services and buildings in the local area
  • Creating our own street map
  • Using a map to find out information

In History, we’ll be learning about:

  • The history of television
  • Comparing the past to the present
  • The original purpose of the soap opera
  • The reasons why jobs and technology change over time

In Music, we’ll be learning about:

  • To improvise and create a soundscape for one of our characters
  • Using our voices expressively and creatively in saying chants and rhymes
  • Composing an accompaniment to open our soap opera

In ICT, we’ll be learning about:

  • Using editing software to create a video clip of the opening sequence to our soap opera

In Health and Wellbeing, we’ll be learning about:

  • People in our community that help us
  • The ways in which people stay safe in their jobs
  • The jobs we might like to do in the future

In Technology, we’ll be learning about:

  • Using a range of materials to make vehicles for our street map
  • The importance of uniform in a profession and designing our own
  • Creating an ID card for our future selves in 20 years' time

In Art, we’ll be learning about:

  • The key features of a portrait
  • Creating a self-portrait using a range of materials