Reading in Holly Class

At Park Way, we believe that reading can open doors for our pupils and can help them to gain experiences, improve language and vocabulary skills and stimulate their imaginations. We strive to create confident readers who have good independent learning skills and develop a range of interests through reading. 

Your child will receive a Reading Record which should be sent into school daily. This will be checked regularly by an adult in their class to see how your child is reading at home. In KS1, we change books as soon as your child has read them and an adult at home has signed them off which allows you to read as many books a week as you want. 

The expectation is that your child reads every day. 

Your child will read with an adult at least once a week in the classroom and ALL Reading Records are collected on a Friday to see how much they are reading at home.


At Park Way we use Read, Write, Inc. (RWI), a synthetic phonics programme, to teach our children phonics and ultimately how to read, write and spell.  This is a whole school approach which begins with the basic sounds and letter formations and moves to more complex sounds and spellings linked with reading and comprehension.  Children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 learn their phonics hand in hand with learning to read.  Children with difficulties reading further up the school, access the programme in order to fill the gaps in their learning and enable them to make progress in line with their peers.  This method of phonics teaching is both systematic and repetitive in order to embed the learning while also being entertaining and fun for all children.  During RWI sessions, all children are grouped appropriately into smaller, working groups of pupils with similar phonic understanding.

For further information visit the Read Write Inc Website

Below is a link for the RWI sounds and rhymes to help your child remember them. Please use this to support your child's reading at home. 

Below you will find useful links that will help you to support your child with reading at home. 

Books we like: 

Year 1 books we love

Year 1 books we love 

Year 2 books we love 

Year 2 books we love

Below is also a link to a support guide to reading at home. It has some useful tips including questions you can ask to ensure comprehension and understanding of the book they are reading.