Term 1 week 3 blog

Hello :) 

What an amazing week we have had this week in Holly Class! 


In literacy we have been focusing on our handwriting and letter formation. We have completed our handwriting daily and I am really impressed with how many of us are holding our pencils correctly and really trying with our letter formation. We have also focused on our sentence structure, making sure our sentences start with a capital letter, have full stops and finger spaces. We have linked this to our focus text 'The Pirate Cruncher' and have been writing descriptions of our main character Captain Purplebeard to help us. 


Year 2 Maths 

In maths, Year 2's have been amazing. They have been looking at counting in steps of 10 and then applying this to their number knowledge. We have been looking at place value this week and being able to recognise the value of each digit within a number. We have learned some new vocabulary like tens and ones and have been applying this to problems. Amazing learning this week!


Year 1 Maths 

The Year 1's have been just as busy. We have spent a long time this week going over our number bonds to 10 and some of us to 20 which is amazing! We have also been looking at place value and have been looking at all the different ways we can make numbers up to 20. I have been so impressed with their learning so a huge well done! 



In the afternoons we have been just as busy! We have started our R.E. topic on Christianity this term and have been looking at the creation story. Holly Class came up with some actions to help them remember the order that Christians believe God created the world in. We have conducted scientific observations to help us identify the different seasons of the year and sang some fun songs to help us! We have also completed geography this week where we looked at the 4 countries that make up the UK and the different flags that go alongside each country. 


I have been so amazed with the learning taking place :) Remember, home learning is uploaded to Teams every Friday and is due the following Thursday. You have a literacy, maths and reading task each week. If you are still having difficulty accessing your child's Teams account, please let me know as soon as possible. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!