Term 1 week 4 blog

Hello :) 

What a week! I have been blown away by Holly Class this week and want to express a huge thank you to everyone for completing their home learning and reading! 


This week in literacy we have come to the end of our unit on story writing and our focus text 'The Pirate Cruncher'. We have loved reading about the selfish Captain Purplebeard and his cut-throat crew so much that we wrote our own stories based on the text. We have also been looking a lot at our sentence structure and ensuring that we are using punctuation in our sentences. 

Year 1 Maths 

Year 1's have been busy bees this week! We have been looking at using the language of more than, less than and equal to, to compare numbers up to 20 and 30 this week. We have also begun to look at finding 1 more and 1 less than any given number up to 30 which was amazing! We have developed our skills of using number lines to help us and have begun to link our counting is 2's to our 2 times table! 

Year 2 Maths 

Year 2's have been amazing this week in maths. They have also been using the language of more than, less than and equal to, to compare numbers up to 100 and have been looking at counting in steps of 2 and 5. We have explored our number knowledge with this and applied these skills to problem solving which is just brilliant! 


In Science, we conducted another experiment to see which materials are waterproof to help our pirates sail the 5 oceans without getting wet! We have sequenced and recounted the Christian creation story in R.E. and looked at a compass to help us give directions using North, South, East and West! 


  1. Could you please ensure that your child has their hair up and earrings out on Wednesday in preparation for P.E. 
  2. Could you please practice how to do and undo buttons with your child and also how to turn an item of clothing that is inside out the right way. 

Thank you :) and have a lovely weekend!