Term 1 week 7 blog

Hello :) 

What an amazing first term we have had back at school! 


This week we have finished off our unit on instruction writing. We read through our focus text 'Lunch on a Pirate ship' and then used different ingredients to create our very own pirate stew! We got the opportunity to taste it as well and were thoroughly impressed with our cooking skills! We then wrote instructions on how to make our stew so someone else could enjoy it. 


Both year groups have been looking at addition this week. Year 2's have been looking at adding two digit numbers together and Year 1's have been focusing on adding up to 20 or 30 when challenging themselves. We are confident with our '=' and '+' symbols and can use them correctly in our number sentences. 


We have continued to conduct exciting experiments in Science where we have been focusing on our observation skills. We have also written letters to future Holly Class children telling them all the ways we can continue to look after our planet. 

We hope you have a lovely and well deserved half term. Your home learning is up via Teams and is due on the 4th November. We return to school on Tuesday 2nd November so see you then!