Term 2, Week 1 Blog

Hello :) 

We have had an amazing first week back after a restful half term! Holly Class have hit the ground running and have completed some outstanding pieces of learning. 

In literacy we have been focusing on our new focus text ' Meerkat Mail' which is all about an adventurous meerkat that travels around the world looking for somewhere that feels like home. After travelling around the world he soon realises that there is no place like home :) Using this book, we have started to look at writing postcards.

This has linked to our new topic 'Our World' where we have been looking at the different continents around the world and have begun to identify and classify different animals from around the world e.g. birds, fish or mammals. 

In maths we have been recapping addition and have been outstanding mathematicians this week, showing off our awesome skills! We have even been applying our knowledge to solve problems which is amazing :) 

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and we cannot wait until next week!