Term 2 week 2 blog

Hello :) 

What a wonderful week we have had this week! 


In literacy this week. we have been looking at information texts. We have looked at our focus text 'Paddington's guided tour of London' and linked this to our own learning. We have read the chapter about Paddington station and written facts about the station to help us understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. We have looked at some important spelling rules such as the 'bandit y'! This 'y' grapheme takes the place of other sounds when spelling some words, for example 'h a pp ee' is spelt 'h a pp y'. We have also linked our learning to Remembrance Day and discussed facts around the correct way to wear a poppy. 

Year 1 Maths 

This week we have been really busy! We have been looking at subtraction and linking this to our knowledge of numbers to understand number facts. We have challenged ourselves to do this up to 20 and some of us 30 which is amazing! We have also begun to look more closely at problems solving and using fun strategies to help us when we get stuck like drawing the problem out! 

Year 2 Maths 

Year 2's have been just as busy this week. We have continued to look at subtraction up to 100 and have ended the week looking at partitioning the numbers to subtract them pictorially. We have also begun to look at how we subtract 2 digit numbers when we cross the tens and have been really resilient with our learning. 


In the afternoons we have continued our amazing learning. We have looked at how superheroes are people that save us from bad things and linked this to how Christian's believe Jesus was sent to save us in preparation for our learning about the Christmas story. We have identified everyday objects and their materials and in topic, we have compared the buildings in Maidstone now to those of 200 years ago and how they have changed. 

I cannot wait to see what we get up to next week :) 


  1. Home learning is handed out on a Friday weekly and is due back the following Thursday. 
  2. Reading records should be bought into school DAILY and you should be reading DAILY with your child. 
  3. As the weather is getting colder, please remember to send your child into school with a named coat.