Term 2 Week 2 blog

Hello :) 

Welcome to another week of Holly Class' amazing learning announcements! I have to say how thoroughly impressed Ms Stokes and I have been with all the learning taking place in Holly Class this week. 

We have continued to enjoy reading our focus text of 'Meerkat Mail' and have even begun to write our own postcards to Sunny the Meerkat! This has linked nicely with our topic of 'Our World' as we have been looking at the different continents and oceans around the world (please see below for videos to continue to support at home), about what a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore is and how we can help keep our planet safe and healthy by recycling as much as possible! 

Continent song 

Ocean song 

We have made some amazing machines that I am sure you have seen at home to help us deal with the waste around our planet and are looking at different ways to keep our school clean and waste free as well :) 

In maths we have all been looking at subtraction and becoming pros at it! Year 1 have even begun to confidently solve problems involving subtraction and are moving on to shapes next week which is amazing! 

Keep up the amazing learning and we cannot wait to see what next week has in store :)