Term 2 Week 3

Hello :) 

Welcome to another week of amazing learning in Holly Class! I have really enjoyed this week and loved all the learning that has taken place. 

In literacy, we have been focusing on our punctuation and sentence structure. We have then applied this to writing a recount of a trip to the UK as if we were one of the meerkats from our story 'Meerkat Mail'.  We have also really enjoyed story time this week where we have shared lots of stories and become very expressive! One of our favourite's is called 'Hoot Owl'

'We all know that owls are wise, but we are also masters of disguise....' 

Year 2's have been busy finishing off their subtraction topic and have done so with flying colours. They have even applied their knowledge to problem solving :) 

Year 1's have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. They have enjoyed finding different shapes around the classroom and have even made fun, exciting patterns using different shapes. 

I cannot wait to see what next week brings :)