Term 2 Week 5 blog

Hello :) 

A huge well done to the Year 1s and 2s in Holly Class for all their amazing learning this week! Mrs Giles and I have been so impressed :) 


This week we have begun to look at poetry. Poetry is a wonderful performance genre and I am really excited to start this with Holly Class. We have had a go at writing a poem using adjectives to describe and have concentrated on using the correct punctuation. We have looked at using expanded noun phrases to expand our descriptive techniques when writing and have looked at using question marks (Year 1) and commas (Year 2) in our writing. 

Year 1 Maths 

We have continued to look at our place value of numbers up to 30. We are now able to read and write numbers up to 30 and can count forwards and backwards from any numbers up to 100! This is amazing and I am very proud of their understanding of numbers. 

Year 2 Maths 

We have looked at division this week in our maths lessons. We have made the link with sharing and have used a pictorial method called the bar model to help us solve division calculations. Holly Class Year 2s have then applied their fluency skills to problem solving and are getting more and more confident with this! 


  1. Home learning is set on a Friday and is due the following Thursday. This is set via Teams. If you are having difficulties accessing Teams then please do let me know. 
  2. Reading records should be bought into school daily.