Term 2 Week 6 blog

Hello :) 

We are nearly at the end of another amazing term and I am so proud of the progress Holly Class has made with their learning! 


In Literacy this week we have been looking at poetry. We have looked at performance poetry, the skills necessary to perform a poem successfully and linked this to our topic of 'Buildings' to perform our own building poems. I was so proud of the confidence and enthusiasm towards the poems and all the children in Holly Class really tried with their delivery. It is a huge step to perform in front of your peers and I want to say a huge well done to every member of the class for their bravery and performance :) 

Year 1 Maths 

We have continued to look at place value up to 30 this week. We can confidently find 1 more and 1 less than any number up to 30 and have also looked at using the language more than, less than and equal to to compare numbers. 

Year 2 Maths 

We are started to look at Money this week which has been very topical with Christmas approaching! We have had lots of discussions around what the purpose of money is, where it comes from and how we can spend it. We are able to identify the different coins and notes that we use in England and have looked at using different combinations of coins to make the same amount.