Term 3 week 2 Blog

Hello :) 

We have had another amazing week of online learning where we haven't let a little thing like not being in the classroom stop us from being the best we can be! 

I have been so impressed with your learning this week and the amount of effort you are putting into each and every task. 


You have all been superstars this week consolidating your knowledge on spellings and sentence structure. The adjectives and similes you came up with to describe your settings were outstanding and I am really enjoying reading through your descriptions :) I am also so pleased to hear how much we like Spelling Shed. There will be more tasks set next week so keep an eye out! 

Year 1 Maths 

A huge well done to the year 1's for the first week of addition with numbers as big as 50! You have been great at using a pictorial method to help you with your adding and even applied your knowledge to problem solving! 

Year 2 Maths 

Year 2 have been fantastic as well as they have started their unit on shape. You can confidently name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and have even found lines of symmetry! Amazing learning! 


I have also been so impressed with your learning in the afternoon where you have tackled challenging topics around materials and recycling and even had a go at making something yourself and writing instructions on how to do so in preparation for next week! I am so proud of all your learning so make sure you keep it up :) 

Reading Competition! 
As you all know, Park Way is a school full of outstanding readers! Your resilience for taking your learning to an online platform just shows that nothing can stop us from being the best learners we can be. This term, Miss Beamish is setting you a reading challenge to complete at home. Your class teachers will have uploaded the challenge to your class webpage and mentioned it this week in your live lessons. Reading is crucial for our development, is a fun and engaging activity to be doing at home and in the present climate, is a great escape into the imagination! The task couldn't be simpler or more fun! All you have to do to take part is date each reading task as you complete them and once you are finished, send your reading challenge to holly@park-way.kent.sch.uk. Everyone who takes part will have their name put into a hat and the first 3 names pulled out will receive a prize in the post!