Term 3 week 3 blog

Hello :) 

Holly Class have really worked hard with their learning this week! 


In literacy we have finished off our unit on diary writing. We have written a diary entry as if we were someone living in Pudding Lane during the time of The Great Fire of London. We were able to use a range of adjectives to add detail to our writing and included conjunctions so we could extend and add detail! I was so impressed by our writing this week that as a treat, we made our own paper houses that mimicked the style of housing during the Great Fire of London, went outside and set fire to them to see how the fire would spread. This was done in a safe and controlled environment and the children really loved seeing how the fire could spread so quickly. 

Year 1 Maths 

In maths, Year 1's have been using their detective hats this week. We have looked at our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction to do some problem solving! I have been so impressed with the way Holly Class' ear 1's have tackled the problems, looking at them in a real context and using their knowledge of their everyday lives to help them. 

Year 2 Maths 

Year 2's have been amazing this week in their maths lessons as they have continued to look at fractions. They are able to tell me what a fraction is and have focused on finding fractions of shapes and quantities this week. We have looked at using the bar model to help us when we are stuck and some of us have begun to make the link between fractions and our multiplication and division facts which is outstanding! 


We have continued to look at what happened during the Great Fire of London in our history lessons and this week, took on the role of King Charles who, as the leader of the country at the time of the fire, would have to deal with the disaster. In science we have continued to look at what animals, including humans, need to survive and watched clips from 'The Prince of Egypt' to understand why the festival of Passover is so significant in Judaism.  


  • Home learning is set every Friday and is due back the following Thursday
  • Reading Records should be in school daily 
  • We will be hosting parents and their children on Thursday 3rd February for a bedtime stories event 16:30 - 18:15 if you want to attend