Term 3 week 3 blog

Hello :) 

A huge well done for all the amazing learning that has taken place this week! I am so proud of all the effort that has gone into your learning and I hope you are too! 

This week has been another busy week with lots of learning taking place and lots of giggles as we went! 


In literacy, we have begun our topic on instructions. You have all had lots of practice at writing your own instructions whether that was 'How to Brush your Teeth' or 'How to make a Sandwich' for Traction Man when he came to visit you all for lunchtime! We have learned what an imperative verb is and really been focused in our RWI sessions. It has been a real pleasure to listen to everyone read independently so much this week so thank you! I can't wait to see all the wonderful board games you have created ready to write your instructions on how to play next week! 

Year 2 Maths 

A huge well done to the year 2's for finishing their unit on shape. This week you have created your own shape patterns and looked at sorting and categorising shapes based on their properties. You have all worked so hard and I am very proud of you :) 

Year 1 Maths 

I am also very proud of the year 1's who have started their unit on subtraction and are confidently using the pictorial method to help them. They are working with some pretty big numbers this term and showing that they are outstanding learners that aren't scared of a new challenge! A huge well done to you :) 

The afternoons have been just as busy with us conducting our own experiment on what happens when ice melts. This material is very relevant at the moment and links to last week where we looked at climate change. Hopefully our learning this week really showed us how important it is to recycle and use less energy in order to stop the polar ice caps from melting! We have been super active with our P.E. and learned all about the Jewish celebration of Passover! 

So much learning completed and a brilliant attitude towards your learning! Keep up the amazing work and lets see what we get up to next week! :)