Term 3 week 4 blog

Hello :) 

I am so proud of the amazing learning taking place at home and I think you are all superstars! 


This week we have been so busy looking at our spellings on Spelling Shed and writing instructions on how to play our board games that we designed and created! I was so impressed with the use of time connectives and imperative verbs in your writing :) I can also see that lots of you are really making a huge effort with your handwriting and remember your punctuation marks! 

Year 1 Maths 

This week we have continued with subtraction and ended the week with a fun quiz! You are so confident with your adding and taking away now and I am so impressed with how high you can apply that knowledge! 

Year 2 Maths 

This week we have tackled statistics and you have been brilliant! You have drawn your own tally, pictogram and block graphs and interpreted different data answering questions. Your learning has been amazing and to such a high standard. 


We have continued with being amazing in the afternoons with investigations into waterproof materials to discussing our emotions and creating worry monsters. We have shared so many amazing stories during our story time. 

Have a wonderful weekend :)