Term 3 week 6 blog

Hello :) 

What an outstanding term we have had! I am so proud of all the amazing learning that has taken place, the dedication and commitment to completing your learning to a high standard and constant smiles that have greeted us in our daily lessons.


We have continued to look at letters this week with a focus on 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. It has been lovely to discuss how the different characters might be feeling and your letters at the end of the week from the Big Good Pig were amazing :) You have done so well in our phonics lessons recapping on sounds and learning new ones which I can see you applying to your writing! 


I really do need to say an extra well done for all your amazing reading during this term. It has been lovely to listen to you all read nearly everyday and see the progress you are making. I can't wait until we can read together in person again :) Well done to everyone that took part in the reading competition - you will get your certificates and prizes very soon! 

Year 1 Maths 

A huge well done for your outstanding learning with numbers. You are really getting to grips with your understanding of place value and have gone up to numbers as big as 50! You have ordered numbers and compared then using less than, more than and equal to showing great understanding. Well done :) 

Year 2 Maths 

What amazing learners you are! You have tackled fractions really well and are now able to find fractions of shapes, quantities and numbers. You have successfully used the bar model to help you find fractions and a huge well done for all your problem solving too! 


The afternoons have been just as awesome! Investigating how a solid can change its shape through heating by melting chocolate was a delicious experiment, learning about internet safety and creating wonderful posters and of course, rocking out to our favourite music lessons! 

You have worked so incredibly hard this half term and I hope you all have a lovely and well deserved rest over the week off. :)

It was lovely to see so many of you outside enjoying the wonders of the snow! :) Thank you for all the pictures of snow ball fights, snow men and snow angels - what an amazing and magical way to end an unusual and challenging term!