Term 4 week 3

Hello :) 

We have had a lovely week in the classroom this week and have produced some amazing pieces of writing. 


Following on from World Book Day last week, we have started a new focus text called 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt. It is an amazing story which then sparked our own sharpeners to rebel and write us a letter saying they quit too! We have produced some wonderful pieces of writing from this book already and I cannot wait to see what the children are able to write next week! 


Year 1's have been really busy looking at weight this week. We have looked at the language of heavier, lighter and equal and have used balance scales to measure different objects around the house. 

Year 2's have been looking at position and direction focusing on the language such as clockwise, anti-clockwise and the different turns they can use when rotating. 



On Friday 25th of March we will be visiting St Martin's Church as part of our R.E. learning around Easter. We will be leaving the school as close as possible to 9:15 am and will back at school by 11:00 am at the very latest. The children will be walking to the church and for safety reasons we need 3 adult to walk down with the class. If you are able to volunteer can you please let me know in person at the end of the school day or by emailing me on Holly@park-way.kent.sch.uk Thank you