Term 4 week 3

Hello :) 

A huge welcome back to my lovely Holly Class! It has been a true delight to have all your smiling faces back in the classroom and to be all together again! 


This week we have continued to look at writing our own information texts on our favourite animals. We completed these this week and also improved our ICT skills by using the iPads to research our animals. We have also continued to look at our World Book Day story 'Journey' and created some fantastic pieces of 3D artwork and produced some outstanding pieces of writing around the book! 

Year 1 Maths 

We have continued to look at measuring in the classroom and have successfully measured different lengths in centimetres. We have even begun to look at problem solving around length and recapped on our knowledge of adding different amounts together. 

Year 2 Maths

We have been busy too looking at mass. We have been using scales to measure the different weights of everyday household items and have compared mass using the less than, more than and equal to symbols. On Friday we put our new skills to the test and made our own banana muffins which looked delicious! 

I want to say a huge well done for all your amazing learning this week Holly Class and I cannot wait to see what we get up to next week! 

  1. Remember - it would be beneficial if you bought in a pair of wellington boots to school as it is still a little muddy outside. 
  2. Ensure you have a water bottle at school with only water inside. 
  3. Remember your reading records - these should be in school daily.