Term 5 week 1 blog

Hello :) 

A huge welcome back after two weeks away from school! I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. 


This week we have recapped our set 1, 2 and 3 sounds for our phonics lessons and I have been really impressed with how well Holly Class have retained their knowledge of these sounds. We have started a new focus book called 'The Last Wolf' which takes place 100 years after Little Red Riding Hood. It is a lovely and moving story about a little girl going in search of a wolf only to find the last wolf, the last lynx and the last bear. She learns all about the destruction of the forests where they roamed and sets to work trying to grow a new home for them. From this, we have started to look at the vocabulary in the story and will over the next couple of weeks write our own traditional tales based on this text. 


Year 1's have been busy consolidating their knowledge of number this week in preparation for next week. They have recapped their addition and subtraction skills, moving away from concrete resources and using pictorials to help us solve the calculations or completing the sums mentally. We are also able to read and write numbers, using digits and words, up to 20 and find 1 more and 1 less than any number up to 50. 

Year 2's have been just as busy. We have been looking at mass this week and have estimated the mass of objects, compared mass using <,> and = and recapped our written method of addition and subtraction. We have also applied our knowledge to problem solving - I have been really impressed with the learning this week. 


We have hit the ground running this week with our lessons in the afternoon. In science we have looked at the basic structure of plants (including trees) and the functions of each part of the plant. We have started a new unit of Islam in our R.E. lessons and focused on the idea of belonging to a community. In our P.E. lessons we have started to look at fielding and striking skills to build up to playing rounders by the end of the term! It has been a busy and amazing first week back :) 


  1. P.E. kits should be in school during term time. Please ensure that your child's P.E. kit is in school. On P.E. days earrings should be taken out and long hair should be tied up. 
  2. Home learning is handed out on a Friday and is due back the following Thursday. If you have any difficulties with accessing the home learning then please contact me. 
  3. Reading records should be in school DAILY. They are checked every Friday to see what your child is getting up to during the week but we have daily reading sessions so please ensure your reading records are always in school.