Term 5 week 2 blog

Hello :) 

We have had a lovely week this week despite the turn in weather and the temperature dropping!


This week in literacy we have been focusing on words. We started the week looking at what an adjective is and using our focus text, we looked at the different adjectives we can use to describe main characters in stories. We then created our own WANTED posters describing some of the characters from The Last Wolf with amazing detail! Holly Class also spent the end of the week looking at verbs. We are able to explain what a verb is and played charades in order to challenge our verb choices. Using this, we then wrote a variety of sentences describing the different ways that Little Red can move through a forest. 


Year 1's have been looking at multiplication this week. We started off by counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 before looking at making equal groups of objects. Using these skills, we then solved one step multiplication problems using concrete resources to support us. 

Year 2's have been looking at measuring both temperature and capacity this week. They are able to read scales and explain what temperature and capacity is measured. They ended the week making their own smoothies by measuring our the correct amounts to do so. 


Home learning is handed out on a Friday and is due the following Thursday. If you are having any difficulties then please do let me know. 

Reading records should be in school DAILY, these are checked every Friday to see what reading you are up to at home.