Week 5 Blog

Hello :) 

Welcome to our lovely class page and yet again we have had an AMAZING week in Holly Class with all our outstanding learning. 

Year 1: 
Our Year 1's have been busy learning about counting in steps of 2,5 and 10 in maths and using our mathematical language to identify if numbers are more than, less than or equal to each other. We have been learning all about the life of a chimney sweep in Victorian England and have written a diary entry as if we had gone back in time and become a sweep ourselves! 

Year 2: 

Holly Class' Year 2's have had a great week with their learning as well. They have been time travellers, heading back to Victorian England where we took on the role of chimney sweeps and wrote our own diary entries as if we had to climb the dangerous chimneys! We have also been busy in maths looking at our number facts to 20 and 100. 

In our history lesson this week we took a look at the Crimean War and met a famous nurse called Florence. We discussed her life and why she is such an important person from history. We conducted a scientific investigation into the properties of materials and discussed why certain materials are used for certain objects.  We delved further into the subject of kindness in our R.E. lessons.

We have had such a busy week and I am so proud of all the amazing learning that has been produced :)