Week 6 blog

Hello :) 

Welcome to our week 6 (can you believe it!?) blog about what we have been up to in Holly Class. As ever, we have been busy with all our learning and I am so impressed with everything that our wonderful children have been up to. 

Year 1 

Year 1 children have been superstars all week :) They have become such confident mathematicians and can now confidently recall their number bonds to 10 and are beginning to grow in confidence with their number bonds to 20. They have also started addition this week and are quite frankly brilliant! In English they have been amazing investigators when we found footage of dinosaurs invading our school! They have been working on recounting a story and they have been working really hard. 

Year 2 

Year 2 children have also been busy with their own investigations on the invasion of the dinosaurs at Park Way! They have explored what verbs and adjectives are and have been looking at different tenses with great enthusiasm. In maths, they have been starting their topic on addition and have been fantastic at it! We have been looking at 2 digit numbers and how we add ones and tens to these numbers with growing confidence. 

In topic, we have continued to explore the Victorian period and have looked at Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole as significant individuals from history. We looked at all the good they did for the soldiers away fighting in the Crimean War and how they were treated when they came back to Britain. 

Next Friday (23.10.20) we are dressing up as Victorians to have a fantastic day in school looking at different things that children would have to do during that time period so remember your costumes!