week 7 blog

Hello :) 

Welcome to our last blog of the term! I can't quite believe that one term is already over but what a term it has been! 

We have been busy finishing our topic on Victorians where we have learned all about Florence Nightingale and her work in the Crimean hospitals. We also looked into the life of Mary Seacole, another famous nurse during the Victorian period. Our last day of dressing up was really successful and a wonderful way to finish our learning. We have learned so much and I am so proud of the progress the children have made :) 

We are going to start a new topic next term called 'Our World' where we will explore different parts of the world we live in and the different animals we might find there. Below are some videos that you might want to watch in preparation that talk about the different oceans and continents: 

The continents 

The oceans 

1.) Please remember to read as much as possible with your child during half term. If you would like some support with this then please access the 'Reading at Park Way' tab found under Key Information. This has guides to support you with asking questions about the books so please access it if you think this will help. 

2.) We have sent your child's wellington boots home but please can you make sure they come back after half term. We will be going outside to complete learning and we want to make sure that their school shoes do not get muddy and dirty. 

 Have a lovely half term and see you when we are back :)