Friday 11th February 2022

Well it's been yet another busy week of learning and fun in Ivy Class.

In Literacy we have finished writing our letters to a relative about what it was like during the Great Fire of London.  I have been so impressed by the standard of writing the children have achieved and their ability to use the information that they have learnt.

Our Maths has been just as busy with the children looking at different representations of numbers and how we can show this.  We have also been counting forwards and backwards to 100!!

During the afternoons this week, we continued to look at the names of adult and baby animals (cow, calf, dog, puppy etc) and compared the differences between two animals.  I was very pleased with some of the ways they were able to say which animal was the odd one out.

I would like to say how lovely it was to speak to so many of you during the week.  Your children keep me on my toes and are such a great class to teach.

Enjoy the half term !!