Monday 23rd March 2020


Please copy the following words into your exercise book 5 times each.
school   teach   friend   come   some

There is some handwriting paper here if you wish to print it and use that instead.


I would like you to continue looking at the ‘ai’ sound which in our RWI lessons we remember by saying ‘Snail in the Rain’.
Please think of as many words as you can with the ‘ai’ sound in and draw pictures to help you remember them!


This week we are looking at capacity.

Capacity is how much liquid a container can hold.

Introduction to Capacity

Further Explanation (Lesson 4)

Please use the attached documents to explore the words, full, empty and half-full with your child. 

You can complete this practically using jugs and water if you prefer!

Some useful resources can be found by clicking on the links below:

Capacity Vocabulary

Capacity Matching Cards

Capacity Word Mat

Capacity Activity Sheet

Capacity Quiz

Religious Education 

Please complete a spring collage and talk about new life and why spring is important in Christianity. You can read Brenda’s Boring Eggs and then talk about different signs of new life in spring using the following document.

Signs of New Life

Symbols of Easter


Share a story together! If you are running out of books there are lots available on Oxford Owl.

Click on the pink class login button at the top.

Username: ivyclass Password: ivy2020

You can also log into Fiction Express using the login in your blue exercise book.

If you would like to send any learning to be looked over please email it to 

Parents, thank you for your support at this very unpredictable time!

Miss Watson