Thursday 26th March 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!


As part of our learning on instructions we would like you to focus on time conjunctions today. 

Time conjunctions are words that tell use when something happened e.g. first, next, before, after. 

Copy out the following sentences and put a time conjunction in place so it makes sense. 

1) ____________ I eat my breakfast, I brush my teeth (before/after) 

2) ___________ I get into bed at night I have a bath. (before/after) 

3) ___________ I eat breakfast. (in the morning/in the afternoon)

4) __________ I put my socks on and __________ I put my shoes. (then/ first) 


Please have a look at some of these challenge cards and complete them, where appropriate.

Capacity Challenge Cards


We would like you to look at our local history in Maidstone. Maidstone has existed as a town for hundreds of years and throughout that time has seen some amazing parts of history unfold. We would like you to focus on the discovery of ‘Iggy’ the dinosaur who can be found in Maidstone Museum. 

We would like you to spend the next two days researching Iggy including the following questions:

What type of dinosaur is Iggy? 

Where era was he alive in? 

What food did Iggy eat?

What did Iggy look like? 

And some of your own questions about him! 

Here is a website that might be a good place to start.

After you have completed your research into this local historical relic, complete a fact file in your exercise book or on a word document so you can send it to us using our class emails so we can mark it! 

Here is an example of a template you might use for your fact file:

Fact File

You have today and tomorrow to do this and I'd love to see some of your fact files, so please email them to me!


Read with your child, if you are running out of books there are lots available on

Click on the pink class login button at the top.

Username: ivyclass Password: ivy2020

You can also log into Fiction Express using the login in your blue exercise book. 

Thank you,

Miss Watson