Tuesday 24th March 2020


We would like you to continue looking at the ‘ai’ sound which in our RWI lessons we remember by saying ‘Snail in the Rain’. 

Continuing on from yesterday, please use the words you thought of and put them into sentences including a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence and a full stop at the end. 

Challenge – can you write a sentence that has 3 ‘ai’ words in it?


Recap the vocabulary from yesterday.

If you have jugs or containers, can you find the container that has the biggest capacity?

Fill jugs/cups with different amounts of water and order them from empty to full.

Comparing Activity



Please see the information on herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. 

Please draw a picture of an herbivore, an omnivore and a carnivore in your blue exercise books and then explain how you know. E.g. This human is an omnivore because they eat both meat and plants.

You can also complete this sorting activity, if you wish.

Sorting Activity


Read with your child, if you are running out of books there are lots available on https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/

Click on the pink class login button at the top.

Username: ivyclass Password: ivy2020

You can also log into Fiction Express using the login in your blue exercise book.


If you would like to send any learning to be looked over please email it to ivy@park-way.kent.sch.uk 

Thank you,

Miss Watson