16th September weekly update

In Literacy this week we have been learning about similes and how they help to give the reader a clearer image in their mind. Children have created their own similes based on ‘Stig of the Dump’ and have also created their own, for example, ‘the moon shone as brightly as a torch.’ We have also been learning about apostrophes for possession and how the position of the apostrophe changes position depending on whether the noun is a singular or plural noun – for example: Bob’s car would not start in the morning. The twins’ breakfast bowls were overflowing with milk.

In Maths, we have continued to look at the importance of understanding place value. Year 4 have been learning facts about numbers up to 10,000 and partitioning the whole number into parts. We have also looked at intervals on a number line and how we can work out the value of each interval to find a given number. Year 3 have also been looking at partitioning, with numbers up to 100. They have also been looking at how they can make a whole number in different ways, for example how they could make the number 41 with 4 tens and 1 one, or they could make it with 3 tens and 11 ones. They were then challenged to see if they could make 41 in other ways.

Within our Topic learning, in Geography children have learnt about settlements and compared a modern day settlement with those from the Stone Age. In History, we have also completed a time line to show our understanding of when the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age started and finished.

For our Art learning we have looked at ‘Lascaux Caves’ thinking about how Stone Age people would have used colours to represent people and animals.

Home Learning has been set on Teams this afternoon and is due next Wednesday 21st September.

As we are not in school on Monday, I have reminded the children to come into school on Tuesday wearing their PE kits.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris