21st October Weekly Review

We can’t believe it is the end of Term 1 already! This week, our Year 4 mathematicians have shown greater confidence with subtracting two 4-digit numbers and understand how to ‘exchange’ across place value columns. Year 3 mathematicians have learnt how a bar model helps them identify a whole number and two parts. They have used this knowledge to add and subtract 3 digit numbers. 

In Literacy, children have planned and written their own narrative, based on ‘Stig of the Dump.’ They thought of a main character who tripped and fell down a hole, landed in a cave and met another character.  The children have thought about how they can use expanded noun phrases, for example, using the noun ‘cave’ and expanding it into an expanded noun phrase such as:  ‘Lara suddenly found herself in a dark, damp cave full of rotten, mouldy vegetables.’ They applied their prior learning about descriptive vocabulary, character and setting description to give as much detail to the reader as possible. Children were also encouraged to use other literary devices such as paragraphs to organise their writing around a theme.  

In Science, children have learnt about enamel and predicted what will happen when enamel (egg shells!) is placed in different liquids and left over half term.  The different liquids are: orange juice, water, milk, coke and vinegar.  We will report back with findings after the half term!   

In our topic sessions this week, children have created a fact file about their Stone Age learning this term to create their own ‘Podcast’ that we are hoping to share with you on our You Tube channel.  

Our P.E. focus this week was to learn how to communicate in a group with a fun task involving a pretend swamp that the children had to cross with four hoops, then three, then two! Their feedback was that they learnt how to be considerate of each other, listen to each other and why team work is important to achieve a task.  


  • Maple Class are swimming again on a Monday next term.  Our first date for swimming will therefore be Monday 7th November (as we are not in school on Monday 31st October).  
  • Our Class Assembly is on Friday 4th November at 9am – we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in our school hall.  

Have a lovely week! 

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris