24th June weekly review

Over the past two weeks, the children have coped very well with the heat in Maple Class. I have praised those who have been sensible about keeping in the shade, wearing a hat, applying suncream and keeping hydrated.

Last week in Maple Class, the highlight was of course our climbing wall experience! All children enjoyed this very much and took great delight in calling me from a great height to show me how far they had climbed! I was particularly impressed with the children who were initially reluctant to climb as they watched their friends and could see how much fun they were having and how they were secured to the rope. Well done to all children for walking down to the climbing wall sensibly, I was very proud of you all.

In Literacy, children have researched a famous Olympian and then used their facts to create their own biography about that person. They have produced some amazing biographies, showing that they understand the key features that needed to be included. Children have also created their own TV advert, using persuasive language, using iMovie on an iPad. We have some amazing TV producers in Maple Class!

For Maths this week, we have looked at data within various bar charts, line graphs, pictograms and tables. Children have also created their own survey and used this data to create their own graph. We have also looked at different shapes and their properties.

In Topic, children have used an Atlas to find Greece and have researched information such as similarities and differences between England and Greece. In DT, children have started to think about how they could create their own flagpole using the specific materials provided. In PE, children learnt football skills and also practiced throwing and catching skills to use within a rounders game.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman