Term 1, Week 6

As we get towards the end of term, the children have continued to impress us with their learning. We have been working hard on instructional writing in our Literacy learning and the children have been writing their own survival guides for ‘How to survive on a desert island.’ We have included ideas for lighting a fire, building a shelter and finding food and water alongside some top survival tips.

In Maths, Year 4 have moved on to looking at column subtraction and are working hard to become confident with the formal written method which we will be applying to investigations next week. The children even planned their own lessons for teaching column subtraction! Year 3 have been looking at addition using formal methods, and practicing different ways of adding larger numbers.

In our Topic, we have been looking at maps and how different features are represented by symbols and keys to make them easier for us to read and interpret. In Science, we have been making PowerPoints to evaluate their learning from the term. The children are writing advice for anyone stuck on an island, advising them how to look after their bodies.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.