Term 3 so far...

The children have worked really hard so far this term! They have been enjoying our Active Planet topic where they have been learning about rocks, volcanoes and earthquakes - I am so impressed with their home learning. In literacy, children have written a brilliant diary entry from the perspective of Blue John, a character inspired by a semi-precious stone discovered in a cavern in Derbyshire. Over the past two weeks, they have enjoyed learning about different types of poetry: shape poems; haikus and cinquains. Their poems have really impressed me!

In maths, the children have been consolidating their times table knowledge as well as practicing formal methods for multiplication and fractions. Year 3s have been learning about money and Year 4s have just finished a week on area. Today in the hall, the Year 4s had to plan and lay out an emergency shelter for a hypothetical flood that left the people of Maidstone homeless. The children measured the area of the hall and calculated how many air beds and tables could fit into the space. 

Have a great weekend!