Tuesday 24th March

Good morning. Please find below a selection of activities to complete today. Each activity is labelled and Maths activities have been split by Year Group. For any activity you choose to complete, please email the completed sheet back to the class email address. Alternatively print out the sheet to stick into you book or write the answer directly into you book.

Please note answers to the Maths activities are found at the bottom of the document so we recommend that children write the answers into their books as they go through the test and then mark them at the end.

Remember to look at all the websites listed on our pupil zone for lots of additional online learning activities.


Many thanks

Mr Ramsden and Miss Harris. 

Topic Activity:

Create a board game to play with your family. Design a colourful board and all the resources you would need to play it. Write a set of rules to explain to your families. Try your game out and think about any ways you could improve the game or make it more challenging.