Weekly Review 3rd February

Although we are heading towards the half term, Maple Class children keep on going! I am very proud of their resilience and attitude to learning.

For our Literacy learning this week, we have prepared for our newspaper report writing next week. We have secured our knowledge of the features of a newspaper report by using these skills to plan our article for next week. We have created a name for our newspaper, a headline to grab the reader’s attention and planned our 5 W’s (who, what, when, why, where) to use as information within our introductory paragraphs. We have also considered and planned quotes that different characters in ‘The Iron Man’ would have said to include as reported speech.

For the majority of this week, both Year 3 and Year 4 children have been learning how to add two amounts of money together and how to calculate change. Year 3’s have focused on using a number line to help them count up to find change; Year 4’s have used a column subtraction method. We have also had a class discussion about what money is, the different coin denominations, where money is kept, bank accounts and cashless systems.

For our History topic, children have continued to learn about ‘what the Romans did for us.’ This week, they have learned about Roman baths and how the Romans used their baths. We have discussed the differences between when we go to Mote Park for swimming lessons on a Monday – we learn to swim! However, in Roman times, baths were used for people (men and women separately) to clean. A ‘strigil’ was used by a servant to scrape dirt off the body. Children also learned about Roman mosaic art and have added their own mosaic design to their Roman house with its hypocaust system.

For their PSHE learning this week, we have been learning the difference between a secret, a surprise and something that is private. Children have discussed different scenarios in groups and have been reminded to tell a trusted adult if they are given any information they feel uneasy or unsure about.

Children have learnt about the importance of ‘marking an opponent’ in their netball lesson this week. They also practiced the three different passes and marking a particular opponent within a game.


Swimming is on as usual on Monday 6th February – please ensure children have their swimming kits as this will be a ‘fun’ session that the children are all looking forward to!

Our next class assembly will be held on Friday 24th February (the first Friday back after half term). All are very welcome to attend at 9am in our school hall – we would love to see you!

Many thanks for your continued support.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Miss Harris