Autumn Term 2 - Week 1

Week 1 


It has been lovely having everyone back in the classroom after a break.  We have been working very hard as always.

In Numeracy, we have been mastering how to add two 2 digit numbers and some of us learnt a new word called 'COMMUTATIVE.'  This means that when we are adding it doesn't matter which number we start off with, the answer will always be the same.

In Literacy, we have started our new topic of Information Texts and have been learning about the features of information texts.    In our grammar sessions, we have learnt that if a word has 1 syallable, 1 vowel and 1 consonant after a vowel, we double the last letter before adding a suffix such as ing, ed and est.  We have also learnt that in English if the word has a 'v' sound at the end, it is followed by an 'e', e.g. give, love.

In Topic we learnt about Guy Fawkes and the history of Bonfire Night. We can now identify the Houses of Parliament as a building.  

Have a safe Bonfire Night and I am looking forward to teaching you all again next week.

Miss Muddassir :-)