Oak Class' Lovely First Week of Learning

It has been absolutely lovely having the children in Oak class.  They have settled in really well and have been very good at following the new routines and rules in class and around the school.


In PSHE we watched clips from the Disney Pixar film 'Inside Out' and discussed what we may do to show we are feeling certain emotions.  We then linked this to the 'Zones of Regulations' that we have in class.  The children understood that it is ok and normal to feel all of these emotions but it is what we do with them and how we deal with them that matters. We then made colour patterns to show our feelings through the day and explained these to our buddies.

For Science this week we went onto the school field and looked for early signs of Autumn.  The children found brown leaves on the ground, watched some leaves falling from the trees, picked up conkers and acorns and saw how the apples on the apple tree outside our classroom were turning red.  Back in the classroom we made rain clouds in a jar using shaving foam. It was a very exciting afternoon!