Spring Term 1 - Week 6

Week 6

We have come to the end of this half-term and it has been a fantastic term where the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and Neil Armstrong. This week we imagined what we would write and tell Thomas Farriner if he was alive today. Many children agreed that he shouldn't feel guilty for the fire but next time he shouldn't bake at night because clearly he can become careless when tired! Also we thought it would be wise for him to purchase a door for his oven!
In Numeracy we have learnt about 2D shapes and know that 2D shapes are flat shapes that can't be picked up. We can describe 2D shapes in terms of corners and sides and have also learnt about vertical lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.
This week in RE we had the opportunity to try out some of the things that are on Sedar Plate and in Science we compare the structure of different animals.
It has been a lovely half-term and as always I have enjoyed teaching you all. Have a lovely break and I will see you on Tuesday 22nd of February as the Monday is a Staff Development Day.