Spring Term 2 - Week 5

Week 5

Oak Class have had a brilliant week of learning and the lovely Spring weather we have been getting this week has allowed us to extend some of our learning to outside of the classroom which is always great fun.

The children came in on Monday to find out that all of the glue sticks in our class had enough of being mistreated and had decided to go on strike. We have had great fun this week imagining what the glue sticks might say if they could speak and have started to write letters as the glue sticks.

In Numeracy we have become masters at reading analogue clocks and can read time to at least the nearest 15 minutes.  Some of us have been able to read and draw time to the nearest 5 minutes.

In Topic this week we learnt about the qualities and skills different people need for doing different jobs. In Science we learnt about food chains and what a producer, consumer and predator is.  At the end of the week we visited St Martin's Church to take part in their Easter experience, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.