Spring Term - Week 3

Week 3

In Literacy we began some learning around our focus text, 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt. On Tuesday all of Oak Class' sharpeners went on strike and left us a letter explaining why they made this sad, but fundamental decision.  We then imagined what the rubbers in our class might say if they were to go on strike and wrote letters as them.

In Numeracy we continued to use language to describe position and direction. We learnt about the terms CLOCKWISE and ANTI-CLOCKWISE and continued to use the terms QUARTER TURN, HALF TURN, THREE-QUARTER TURN and FULL/WHOLE TURN.

The children had great fun in Science this week. We learnt that animals can be CARNIVORES, HERBIVORES or OMNIVORES and that you can tell what type of animal an animal is by looking at their teeth.  The children then worked in pairs to make models out of clay of animals' teeth and had to explain why the animal had these types of teeth.  You can see some examples of our learning below: