Spring Term - Week 5

Week 5

A very exciting thing happened in our class this week. A crime was committed and the culprit left a huge mess in the classroom! There were flour footprints leading onto the school's field and baking equipment left in the classroom. We posed questions and tried to answer them using the clues left behind. We came to the conclusion that the culprit was a baker who left in a hurry. Luckily nothing was stolen so we don't need to pursue it any further other than to clear up the mess left behind! We did write letters to our friends in other classes to tell them about what had happened.

In Numeracy, we have continued to learn about length and height. We have revisited the written method for addition and subtraction and have learnt how to add and subtract height.

In Science we explored the 5 senses and discussed why humans need these. We also talked about people that may not have all five senses such as visually impaired and deaf people and how they can access things still.