Term 1 - Week 3 Blog


This week we began to learn about how Victorian children's lives were different to ours. We were surprised to learn that children as young as 4 could end up working as chimney sweeps. We learnt about what jobs the children may have done in the coal mines and textile factories.  Then we freeze-framed scenes showing Victorian children working in these different environments.


This group of children are showing a trapper and three children pushing a cart full of coal.


Another group of children working in a coal mine. There has been an explosion and one is running




We did a really fun experiment with raisins. When we placed the raisin in still water it sank but then when we places a raisin in sparkling water, it initially sank and then floated for a bit and then sank again. It looked like it was doing a little dance! We all really enjoyed this experiment