Term 1 - Week 4 Blog

First of all a huge well done to Oak Class as every single student handed in their Home Learning this week! I am so proud of you all. 

Oak Class have had another week of terrific learning. In Numeracy we have continued to learn about Place Value and have been ordering and comparing numbers using the 'Greater Than' and 'Less Than' signs (< and >).  Click here to play a game that we used to practise ordering numbers. 

In Literacy and Topic we have continued to learn about Victorian children, particularly Victorian chimney sweeps. Click here to listen to a story about a Victorian chimney sweep called Charlie.  Oak Class really enjoyed role-playing the day in a life of a Victorian chimney sweep and we showcased some brilliant acting skills. We had some very strict masters, threatening to light the fire if the chimney sweep got stuck in the chimney and the poor chimney sweeps were exhausted and constantly coughing due to inhaling all that soot!

This week we became scientists once again.  We poured warm water onto skittles and watched the sugar dissolve, leaving a mesmerising rainbow effect. It was amazing!

I am really looking forward to sharing more amazing learning with you next week!

Miss Muddassir :-