Term 1 - Week 6 Blog

It has been another week of amazing learning by all students in Oak Class. On Tuesday we were told the truth about the building work on the Red Playground. Click here to find out yourself. We then investigated and looked out for clues about dinosaur activity.  It was a great lesson!

In Science we have been learning about the five senses and explored properties of various materials using our senses.  It was so lovely to see some children take their learning beyond the classroom and explore the Autumn signs on the school field using their senses.

In Topic, we learnt about Florence Nightingale and the hospital she worked in Scutari, Turkey.  We learnt how she helped to improve the treatment of the wounded soldiers who arrived in Scutari hospital.  We imagined ourselves as Florence Nightingale and described the hospital using all of our senses.  The children came up with some fantastic expanded noun phrases and I am very proud of them.  See below for some examples of our learning: