Term 2 - Week 4 Blog

Oak Class have had another week of brilliant learning. In Literacy we have been working very hard and writing postcards from either the Amazon Rainforest or a desert.  The children have been focusing on using different sentence types and wrote some amazing, well-thought out postcards. We have also started to learn how to use apostrophes to show possession.

In Numeracy we have been improving our times table knowledge and the children have been introduced to a method called the Bar Model Method to help them with those tricky multiplication number sentences. By the end of Year 2 the children should be confident in recalling the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and their corresponding division facts.

The children have really enjoyed Science this week where we went over the 5 senses and talked about which parts of our body we use for each sense.  The children loved going out on to the field and investigating how they were using their senses - we were sensible enough not to taste things from the field!