Home learning for week beginning 13th July 2020

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We hope you enjoyed Cosmo Mars and the Egyptian Curse last week.
Below you’ll find the literacy learning for Term 6 Week 7:
For this week you have two options:

Option 1 – Choose any book you want from Fiction Express and complete one of the provided tasks on each day:

• Describe the main character
• Describe the setting
• Create a dialogue between two or more characters
• Create a comic strip about the chapter
• Write a letter from the main character to a family member explaining the situation they are in.
• Write a newspaper article about a significant event that has occurred.
• Create a holiday advertisement to persuade people to go on holiday to the place the book is set.

Option 2 – Follow the plan below for Cosmo Mars and the Vanishing Woman (reading level 3) and the tasks each day.

Make a prediction
Read chapter 1
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Write a character description of Miss Lacey. We know rather a lot about this lady from what the author has told us but there’s lots more we don’t know, there’s a lot to infer. Describe Miss Lacey using both the descriptions in the chapter as well as what you might think about her. Think about her appearance, hobbies and personality.

Read chapter 2
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
In this chapter, the characters explore the beautiful city of Naples. As the characters continued the investigation the author describes in detail different parts of the city to help you paint a picture of it in your head. Using the authors descriptions, draw a picture of the city of Naples and write a description to go along side it. To do this it might be a good idea to make notes of the author’s descriptions of the city while you’re reading the chapter.

Read chapter 3
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Towards the end of this chapter, after all of the commotion of searching for her, Miss Lacey is found. This is what most people believe however Steffi isn’t so sure. On the request of Cosmo Mars, write in first person as Miss Lacey to write a recount of the last two days that they’ve been frantically searching for her. Miss Lacey gives us a brief idea of what she’s been doing but you can elaborate and expand on this on the basis of what we already know about her. So, write a first person recount from Miss Lacey about the last two days.

Read chapter 4
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Pretend that you’re a journalist on-board the ship on holiday and have witnessed the entire event about the missing old lady. First she went missing, then a search was undertaken by three detectives, after that someone impersonated the old lady to pretend that she’d been found and finally the real old lady was found. SOME STORY! Being the journalist, write a newspaper article about the events that have unfolded in regards to the missing old lady. What key features will you need to write an effective newspaper article?

Read chapter 5
Complete the online activities
Complete a detailed book review of Cosmo Mars and the Vanishing Woman


This week's SPAG learning is The Mystery of the Stolen Space Suit.


Year 6

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