Term 1 Week 4

Hi everyone,

Another sublime week in Rowan Class.

In Literacy we started to learn about our new text: Goodnight Mr Tom, which links really nicely with our topic: Time Tunnel. The story takes us back in time to when children were evacuated from London (and other major cities) to more rural areas during WW2. We have started to learn about a young evacuee who's taken the train to stay with an unknown host. Lots of amazing writing and discussion has come out of this already.

In maths both our year 5's and 6's learnt about negative numbers, counting in intervals across zero as well as addition and subtraction using negative numbers.

In topic we started to learn about our topic: Time Tunnel! This is history based.

The children began by discussing any historical events that they could remember, giving a small amount of information about each and plotting them on a time-line. All of this was done from existing memory.

Children then designed their own Time Tunnel ride for a theme park on which the public could ride. It would take them on a journey through history exposing them to all of the historical events that had been detailed prior.

Looking forward to another brilliant week next week.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew