Term 1 Week 5

Hi everyone,

Another wonderful week completed in Rowan Class.

In Literacy, we've finished our story: Kensuke's Kingdom. Throughout the week we've written a prediction about how we thought the story might end, written open-ended and thought-provoking questions to Michael, taken part in drama activities interviewing each of the main characters and started to plan a newspaper report about Michael being found.

In Maths, our Year 5's have been focusing on addition, both mental strategies as well as the written column method. Similarly, our Year 6's have been learning about addition and subtraction, again both mental strategies as well as the written column methods.

In Science, we've been learning about Carl Linnaeus and his famous method of classifying animals. We researched and used this method to classify our own choice of animals. In Geography, we've been learning about the similarities and differences between St Lucia and Maidstone by thinking about the human and physical differences.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you all Monday.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew & Mr Bowles