Term 1 Week 6

Hi all,

What a wonderful week we've had in Rowan Class this week.


In Literacy the children have planned, acted out and written their own evacuee story! They were given a starting point of writing in first person and in the present tense to describe the journey of a young child being evacuated from London during WW2 to an unknown village. The children created some wonderful stories while using some amazing descriptions and dialogue. They should be very proud of themselves.


In Maths:

The Year 6's learnt about long multiplication, multiplying a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number. Can you remember the rule? The children then went onto completing challenges and problems using this skill.

The Year 5's learnt about addition and subtraction up to 100,000 and then moved onto completing challenges and problems using this skill.


In topic we continued our work on football as well as in Science conducting and writing up a fair scientific enquiry to answer the question; Which child in my group can run the fastest? Can you remember the rules of carrying out a fair scientific enquiry? What are they?


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.