Term 1 Week 7

Hi all,

Another wonderful week in Rowan Class.


In Literacy, now we've finished our story Goodnight Mr Tom, we moved on to writing a non-chronological report about rationing during WW2. This required the children to research this topic extensively on laptops before learning the features of a non-chronological report and then finally creating their own. Some wonderful information was gathered and displayed beautifully.


In Maths;

Our Year 6's learnt about long and short division. Both require a slightly different method and are displayed slightly differently but it was very well achieved in the end.

Our Year 5's were working on money word problems. The children needed to use their knowledge of addition and subtraction in multi-step problems that included a decimal point. Well done all.


In Science the children began to plan their own scientific enquiry which required them to start by thinking of a question to investigate that would be achievable in our setting. The children then needed to think about the process we go through to effectively plan a scientific enquiry, including; aim, prediction, equipment, method and variables. Next week the children will be carrying out their fair test, collecting and analysing the data and drawing their conclusions.


We look forward to one more week in Term 1, next week.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Askew