Term 2 Week 5

Hi everyone,

Another excellent week completed in Rowan Class.

In Literacy we've read up to the beginning of Chapter 7, to the point where Lina discovers the long lost builders letter. Throughout the week the children have written a prediction about what they thought the mayor's public message would be about, written a character description of the mayor, tried to decipher the illegible builders letter as well as written a letter to the mayor regarding the current circumstances in the city. Real quality writing has been produced this week, well done.

In Maths our Year 5's have moved on from perimeter to now learning about the area of rectilinear shapes at the beginning of the week and irregular shapes towards the end of the week. While our Year 6's have spent the week consolidating our learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. They have focussed on finding the percentage of a number before recapping adding and subtracting fractions.

In PE this week we've developed our game playing situations by moving onto 5/6 attackers vs 2/3 defenders which has required the speed of thought and passing to increase.

In International, we've learnt about how countries from around the world co-operate to achieve a common goal.

Through RE we've continued our learning about Christianity, this week focusing on the advent calendar.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you all Monday.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew and Mr Bowles