Term 3 Week 2

Hi all,

We've had a great time online learning this week. Well done to all of those getting online and accessing the assignments, the number of children doing this is steadily increasing so keep it up. It's great to see all of your wonderful learning.

In Literacy this week, we've continued to develop our descriptive writing skills by using pictures as prompts to write at length to engage the reader. The children have used a range of clause types, adventurous language, parenthesis and many more writing elements to create really great pieces of writing. Next week we'll be moving onto learning about our new story: The Demon Headmaster.

In Maths, our Year 5's have been learning about dividing increasingly large numbers using the bus stop method and using this to complete word problems. Our Year 6's have been learning about finding the area and perimeter of 2D shapes and the volume of 3D shapes.

In PE we've started learning about healthy eating, practiced our termly challenge of toe taps and engaged with the Joe Wicks live work-outs.

In RE this week, continuing our learning about Hinduism, we looked at the different Gods that are worshiped in this religion and thought about which one best represents ourselves.

Finally through our topic 'Switched On' the children have been completing ICT tasks by controlling the online bee-bots and Science tasks by completing diagrams of electrical circuits.

Great week everyone, have a good weekend.