Term 3 Week 4

Hi everyone,

Another brilliant week of online learning for Rowan Class. Our online numbers are still steadily going up and up so really well done. Keep it up!

In Literacy this week, we've continued with our story 'The Demon Headmaster' reading chapters 6-10. This week we've focused on writing diary entries from a range of different characters point-of-view's. This has required to children to really think carefully about each character's thoughts and feelings - which everyone has done very well at.

In Maths, our Year 5's have continued to work with fractions of shapes while our Year 6's have continued to learn about algebra. Both year groups have tried extremely hard and endeavoured with this challenging Maths element; I'm very proud of all of them for giving it a really good go.

In Topic this week we've focused mainly on Technology. Firstly searching for electric powered toys around our homes before designing our very own electric powered toy which we'll build (using junk-modelling) during the last week of term. Then we moved onto looking at how technology has advanced and changed the world around us. Looking at the earliest computers, TV's and phones compared to the modern day versions of these.

Have a great weekend everyone, make sure you're getting plenty of exercise.

See you all next week.