Term 4 Week 4

Hello everyone,

We've had another brilliant week in Rowan Class - so pleased that we're all back in class now.

In Literacy we've continued learning about our story; Cosmic. We've read all the way up to the point where the rocket is about to take off! Through our writing activities we've looked at the strengths and weaknesses of each character, thought about if a certain character is a protagonist or antagonist as well as a diary entry from an important character.

In Maths our Year 5's have continued learning about fractions, including; addition and subtraction, multiplying, converting between improper fractions and mixed number fractions and finding fractions of a whole number. Our Year 6's have continued to apply their understanding of ratio to solve increasingly complex problems.

Additionally we've completed more exciting Outdoor and Adventurous team-building activities in PE, designed a space buggy, a created a pointillism painting in art and designed our own red noses on Red Nose Day.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you all on Monday.